Your Spring Gardening Checklist

Everything you need to know to get ready for spring gardening

Aren’t you ready for spring weather? After a long (and cold) winter, there’s almost nothing as exciting to gardeners as the idea of a new season. When it comes to prepping for your next spring gardening marathon, you’ll want to make sure that you (and your garden!) are ready to go. After all, there’s nothing better than that first day spent in your garden once the frost has melted and the sun seems to be sinking in.

At Urban Roots Garden Market, preparing our customers for the spring is one of our very favourite parts of the job. As your local gardening partners who love the art of gardening itself, we live for times like these. From pruning and organizing to getting your soil ready, make sure you follow our spring gardening prep list to hit the ground running come spring.

Spring Garden Preparation Checklist

Checklist Item #1: Get organized

They don’t call it spring cleaning for no reason. Take a few hours pre-spring to get organized. Whether you’re cleaning out the shed or recycling broken pots, do some upfront work to make sure that you’re ready to go come garden time. Clean off your tools, sharpen blades, organize your area and get your space ready to go. This goes for your gardens, too — if you have weeds, dead plants or mulch, get them out! You’ll be so much happier that way.

Checklist Item #2: Prune, prune, prune

Late winter and early spring is the ideal time to prune what needs it in your garden, and it’s one of those tasks that’s much easier before the beautiful weather shows up. Since you’ll have a better glimpse of what needs to stay and go, late winter and early spring offers you more options — which will then make spring much more fruitful for your garden itself. Take the time now to prune your woody ornamentals, crepe myrtles, dogwood bushes, and the like.

Checklist Item #3: Get your soil ready

Post winter, your soil might be nice and compacted. Your job? Loosen it back up and start to prep your soil for work. Work it around 12-14 inches to loosen it, mix in fresh mulch, and add compost and necessary additions. Keep an eye on moisture, water, and soil quality — and then work accordingly.

Checklist Item #4: Make it pretty

Next up? Beautify those gardens of yours! This is the fun part, and it reminds you why you love springtime gardening as much as you do. From installing window beds and finding new siding to ordering new pots and thinking strategically about your area, take your time pre-spring to ready your beds and prepare your blank canvas.

Checklist Item #5: Visit your local garden market

Visit your local garden market, stock up on what you need and refer to gardening experts for all of your questions and concerns. By visiting a place like Urban Roots Garden Market, we’ll help you find what you need for the spring season. We also have an online store, which is a great place to stock up

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