3 Ways Gardening Can Benefit Your Health

3 Ways Gardening Can Benefit Your Health

From stress relief to Vitamin D, gardening isn’t just fun — it benefits your health, too!

If there’s anything 2020 taught us, it was how important it is to value and take care of our health. Dealing with a worldwide pandemic has caused people across the world to experience higher levels of stress, anxiety and depression than ever before. On the other hand, dealing with a worldwide pandemic has also shown us how important it is to pursue hobbies — like gardening.

In fact, that is probably why the gardening industry saw such a huge surge in business last spring. There’s just something very therapeutic about being out in the fresh air, planting your own vegetable garden and beautifying your outdoor space with flowers. Here are three ways gardening can benefit your health in 2021 (and beyond):

3 Ways Gardening Can Benefit Your Health

1. Gardening Can Reduce Cortisol Levels
Studies have shown that just 30 minutes of gardening can reduce cortisol levels, the hormone which our bodies produce when we are experiencing stress. Elevated cortisol levels can cause weight gain, heart disease, an increased risk of depression and can compromise our immune system — which is where gardening can come in.

2. Gardening Might Boost Your Vitamin D Intake
Vitamin D is one of the best vitamins your body can have, as it helps with everything from strengthening your bones to boosting your immunity. As sunlight is one of the very best sources of Vitamin D, spending your days out underneath the sun in the garden can boost your health. Just don’t forget your sunscreen!

3. Gardening Can Count As Your Exercise
Not all exercise needs to involve a pair of running shoes, and, according to the CDC, gardening counts as exercise. Now, grab your shovel and count it as a bonus that you might burn some calories as well — which can lead to a lower BMI, encourage better sleep and lower blood pressure.

Container Vegetable Gardening for the Urban GardenerAt Urban Roots Garden Market, we want to help you make gardening a vital part of your health this year — both mentally and physically.

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