Bring Beauty and Life to the Neighborhood

Put Your Empty Sites to Use, Hassle-Free

Increase Traffic to the Area

Increase Traffic to the Area



Maintained and Managed

Maintained and Managed

Waiting For Permits Can Be a Lengthy Process

As a developer, many of the locations you own are sitting empty for stretches of time. You know neighborhoods don’t want an eye-sore. The problem is the logistics of organizing and managing a beautification project yourself are overwhelming.

There ought to be way to make better use of your inactive sites.

Revitalize the Community, Risk-Free

Making use of empty sites creates curiosity, good karma, and profit, too!
Increase awareness of your area with additional traffic

Parking, traffic flow, security, permits, and insurance are taken care of

Locations are left in even better condition than before the pop-up

Here’s How It Works

Get the Contract

Receive and accept the pop-up center contract.

Approve the Layout

Review and approve the proposed site layout.

We Get to Work

We install and maintain the location.

We’ve been operating pop-ups since the 1990s.

We care about your brand and the community.

We understand that great esthetics and high quality solutions are important to your brand’s reputation. We share those same values. That’s why Urban Roots Garden Market pop-up centers are designed to add instant beauty and life to your neighborhood, in a risk-free and profitable way.

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Urban Roots Garden Market
Urban Roots Garden Market