Increase Revenue with a Companion Business

Instantly Expand Your Offerings, Risk-Free

Create Partnerships

Create Partnerships

Improve Exposure

Improve Exposure

Increase Profits

Increase Profits

Your Business Growth and Profit Shouldn’t Feel Limited

You need a hassle-free, high value way to maximize revenue and add value to your customer experience. The problem is you don’t know how to expand your business beyond its current offerings, which makes you feel alone and limited by the existing business model.

You need an easy, risk-free way to partner with complementary services for added profits and exposure.

companion business

Innovate for Added Profit and Exposure

Make money without changing your existing business.
Generate rent and additional revenue

Increase location awareness with additional traffic

Bring added beauty and joy to your customer experience

Add a Companion Business

Get the Contract

Receive and accept the pop-up center contract.

Approve the Layout

Review and approve the proposed site layout.

We Get to Work

We install and maintain the location.

We’ve been operating pop-up garden centers since the 1990s.

We care about your brand and your customers.

We understand that great esthetics and high quality solutions are important to your brand’s reputation. We share those same values. That’s why Urban Roots Garden Market pop-up centers are designed to add instant beauty and life to your business, in a risk-free and profitable way.

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