Bring the Outdoors In With Houseplants

Did you know that the colour green lands in the middle of the visual spectrum? It’s the only colour that your eye doesn’t have to work to see, which means that it actually allows them to rest. This is why we associate green with soothing, relaxing, and youthful experiences.

Houseplants are a fantastic way to improve your surroundings without spending a lot of energy or money. They soften indoor spaces and add movement, freshness, and life to homes and offices. Plants can also boost creativity, productivity, and mood while increasing air circulation and reducing pollution.

Here, we’re going to share some insight on how to select the best houseplants for your space, and get you asking yourself what indoor flora will best suit your personal nature.

Use what you have

There’s a huge variety of tropical plants that can be grown indoors, which means that you can choose what fits your needs best. So, build a community of plants based on your energy levels, available time, and space. Start with a few and then add on as you get the hang of it – and don’t be too hard on yourself if at first, you don’t succeed. Growing plants can be challenging, but also hugely rewarding. If issues crop up, try to be flexible, and find solutions even if it means starting over. Don’t give up; plants are totally worth it.


It’s important to know your space well, so take note of the amount of light, temperature, and general humidity in the room where you’d like to place your plants. Next, match the varieties that are specially adapted to them for the best chance at success.

Select soils and containers that suit the needs of the plant. If you’re unsure of what you may need, just ask! We’re here to help. It’s all part of the customer service at Urban Roots. From hanging plants to succulents perfect for terrariums, we’ve got tropicals to fit your style.

Another aspect to consider is the longevity or lifespan of the plants you choose. For instance, if you have poor conditions and can’t seem to keep anything alive, think about purchasing less expensive plants and replacing them every few months. Although no one wants to knowingly let a plant die, it may be a more sustainable and beneficial option than, say, cut flowers. If you think about it, we do it regularly with seasonal plants, like Poinsettias and Primulas.

Or, consider some mini-grow lights. There are even some available options that will clip right onto pots and containers.


There are so many fantastic house plants to choose from, why wouldn’t you want to start a collection? Find your connection to plants and use it as a starting point. Perhaps you’ve inherited a plant, one that reminds you of a favourite place or person. Or certain rare and unusual varieties of plants grab your attention. Urban Roots has a great selection to get you started.

7 House Plants to Try:

  • MonsteraIf you have a moderate space, Monstera definitely has a huge wow-factor. Large lush leaves develop their distinctive holes over time and give off major jungle vibes, and are also known as the “Swiss-cheese plant.”
  • Spider Plant – There’s a reason this plant tops lists everywhere. It is super easy to grow in a wide range of conditions and who doesn’t love the babies (called Spiderettes or pups) that look like spiders!
  • ZZ Plant – A fantastic plant for low light conditions, ZZ plants have a positively prehistoric look.
  • Aloe vera- At home in a dry sunny spot, Aloe can also come in handy for skin care. The jelly-like interior of the thick leaves can be used to treat sunburns and minor skin abrasions.
  • CactiThere are a huge variety of cacti to pick from; so many different sizes, shapes, and forms. They make great specimens on their own and look fantastic in a grouping as part of a dish garden.
  • Philodendron Philodendrons are super collectible for any spots with dappled light, there are just so many to choose from! Some varieties will even happily climb a trellis or wall.
  • Orchid – Although they can take more care than some others, rarely does a plant have more beautiful flowers than an Orchid. Available in a range of colours and forms, they make choice specimens for a dramatic showing.

Make sure to stop by your neighbourhood Urban Roots Garden Market and check out the selection of houseplants today!

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