5 Plants to Look for When Foraging for Holiday Decorations

4 Plants to Look for When Foraging for Holiday Decorations

Foraging for holiday decorations is a great way to have a low-waste holiday that still leaves you feeling jolly. This fun activity can help you save money, have an active day outside with your family, and deliver on the wow factor without making you feel left out of the holiday festivities. Instead of spending a portion of your holiday budget on plastic decorations from the store, consider foraging for your holiday decorations this year!

Why You Should Forage for Holiday Decorations

  • Foraging for holiday decorations in your natural surroundings provides a variety of benefits. The benefits of sourcing your own holiday decorations from nature include:
  • Saving money: Instead of paying for potentially plastic wreaths, pinecones, and garlands this holiday season, save money by foraging and crafting your own.
  • Natural beauty: Foraging for decorations provides a natural beauty that adds to the magic of the holiday season. Items like evergreens offer an additional layer of festiveness with their beautiful natural fragrance.
  • Providing a fun and free activity for the family: Skip the congested shopping this year for decorations and have a fun day outside foraging with the family.
  • Create less waste: Foraging for decorations is also a great option when decorating for the holidays because it’s low waste. After you’re done with your natural holiday decorations you can compost them and provide future sustenance for your garden.
  • To make sourcing your decorations as easy and fun as possible, we curated a list of items that are easy to find, have a beautiful and festive appearance and are still accessible during the winter season. Here is our list of the top 4 items to forage for to make beautiful and natural holiday decorations for your home.

Evergreen Boughs


Evergreens are first on our list of holiday decorations to forage for because they provide a festive fragrance and a beautiful green appearance for your home. This broad category of green foliage includes a variety of species like pine, cedar, spruce, fir, and more.

Evergreens are also incredibly easy to find. You most likely have an evergreen tree in your yard already! Plus, if you’re visiting a Christmas tree farm to source a fresh tree, they typically have extra branches available for purchase too. The good news is you only need one or two branches to create beautiful decorations for your kitchen table, a garland to hang from the fireplace mantle, or a wreath for your front door.



Just like evergreens, holly is also synonymous with the holiday season. The beautiful dark green leaves next to the bright red berries provide a festive appearance for any area of your home. Holly branches are perfect for wreaths, and sprigs are perfect for decorating Christmas cards and winter crafts.

If you don’t have any holly in your area to forage, we suggest planting a holly bush in your garden next spring! It will provide beautiful foliage and bright red berries just in time for the holiday season.



Pinecones are one of the easiest and most fun items to forage for in the winter! They’re easy to source and usually cover the ground underneath every pine tree. Pinecones also provide an almost endless list of ideas for holiday crafts. From Christmas ornaments to garlands, and wreaths to centrepieces, there’s a variety of pinecone crafts that the whole family can get involved in.



Last on our list of the top 5 items to forage for during the holiday season is juniper. Juniper encourages us to look beyond using only red and green to decorate our homes during the holidays! The juniper berries are a soft shade of blue, providing a calm yet festive appearance when decorating your home. You can also incorporate them into your wreath, as they look lovely next to grapevines, pinecones, evergreens, and more.

Time to Forage

Now that you know the benefits of foraging for your holiday decorations and what to look for, it’s time to venture outside and start foraging!